FreeSWITCH 第二本书 FreeSWITCH CookBook 出版了


这是 FreeSWITCH 官方出版的第二本书。电子版打折后一共是 £9.59。可以直接顺着 FreeSWITCH 网站上的链接购买,也可以在 Amazon 上购买。有 Visa 或 MasterCard 信用卡付费就可以了。


其实我2年前开始写的 《FreeSWITCH: VoIP 实战》目的也是多提供一些实例,给官方的第一本书作一个补充。只是由于平时很忙到现在也没有完成。现在官方的书出来了,我觉得还是值得一读的。好了,废话少说,今天刚拿到手还没来得及看,先把目录贴上来大家尝尝鲜:

Table of Contents

Preface 1

Chapter 1: Routing Calls
    Internal calls
    Incoming DID calls
    Outgoing calls
    Ringing multiple endpoints simultaneously
    Ringing multiple endpoints sequentially (simple failover)
    Advanced multiple endpoint calling with enterprise originate
    Time of day routing
    Manipulating To: headers on registered endpoints to reflect DID numbers

Chapter 2: Connecting Telephones and Service Providers
    Configuring a SIP phone to register with FreeSWITCH
    Connecting audio devices with PortAudio
    Using FreeSWITCH as a softphone
    Configuring a SIP gateway
    Configuring Google Voicc
    Codec configuration

Chapter 3: Processing Call Detail Records
    Using CSV CDRs
    Using XML CDRs
    Inserting CDRs into a backend database
    Using a web server to handle XML CDRs
    Using the event socket to handle CDRs

Chapter 4: External Control 63 Introduction
    Getting familiar with the fs_cli interface
    Setting up the event socket library
    Establishing an inbound event socket connection
    Establishing an outbound event socket connection
    Using fs_ivrd to manage outbound connections
    Filtering events
    Launching a call with an inbound event socket connection
    Using the ESL connection object for call control
    Using the built-in web interface

Chapter 5: PBX Functionality
    Creating users
    Accessing voicemail
    Company directory
    Using phrase macros to build sound prompts
    Creating XML IVR menus
    Music on hold
    Creating conferences
    Sending faxes
    Receiving faxes
    Basic text-to-speech with mod_flite
    Advanced text-to-speech with mod_tts_commandline
    Listening to live calls with telecast
    Recording calls