FreeSWITCH 1.10.9版本发布






  • [Build-System] Improve build time on Windows: Do not download a pre-compiled binary if it's found in a folder pointed by the FreeSWITCHBuildCachePath environment variable.
  • [Build-System] Update libks to 1.8.2 and signalwire-client-c to 1.3.2 on Windows
  • [Build-system] Update libks version requirement to 1.8.2
  • [Build-System] Update SQLite to 3.40.0 on Windows
  • [Core] Remove deprecated SWITCH_STACK_NODUP flag. Change switch_event_add_header_string() behavior to always dup.
  • [Core] SWITCH_STACK_NODUP flag is deprecated and will be soon removed. Introduce switch_event_add_header_string_nodup() API.
  • [core][mod_sofia] remove ZRTP (deemed obsolete).
  • [Docs] Update get-started link in
  • [mod_python3] Create an event on python_fetch()
  • [mod_sofia] New chanvars for inbound multiple header identity
  • [mod_sofia] Parse extra headers on reINVITE
  • Bump sofia-sip library requirement to version 1.13.12


  • [Build-System] Disable static build by default on Linux.
  • [Build-System] Fix build on Windows 11: yasm tool compiled for x86 does not work on x64 system. Download yasm.exe 64bit instead.
  • [Build-System] Fix MD5 on Windows. Add a unit-test.
  • [Build-System] Fix NSIG redefinition issue.
  • [Configuration] Use : not , in rtp_secure_media
  • [Core] Blind pass at using a rwlock for chat_hash
  • [Core] Fix crash in enterprise originate: memory fence the handles.
  • [Core] Fix false-positive illegal memory access detection in switch_console_complete()
  • [core] Fix wrong reason code for group call
  • [Core] switch_mprintf: Increase the size of loop variables in the printf() implementation. Add unit-tests disabled by default.
  • [mod_http_cache] Fix leaking curl handle in http_get()
  • [mod_logfile] Continue renaming if a logfile doesn't exist
  • [mod_python3] Fix compiler warnings
  • [mod_smpp] Fix use of switch_event_add_header_string with SWITCH_STACK_NODUP.
  • [mod_verto] Limit websocket payload size to 1000000.
  • [mod_xml_curl] Fix leaking event in xml_url_fetch()
  • [Packaging] Shared libraries instead of static in freeswitch devel CentOS package.
  • [Unit-tests] mod_sofia: avoid duplicate symbols on macos.