FreeSWITCH 1.10.11版本发布





  • Bump sofia-sip library requirement to version 1.13.17


  • [contrib/timezone-gen] Fix timezone gen
  • [core] Coverity 1325269 Dereference before null check
  • [core] Coverity 1364946 Unchecked return value
  • [core] Coverity fixes
  • [Core] Coverity: 1024552 Logically dead code
  • [Core] Coverity: Dereference before null check
  • [Core] Coverity: Use of 32-bit time_t
  • [core] Fix flopping routes on ICE negotiation
  • [Core] Fix implicit conversion from enumeration type 'switch_odbc_status_t' to different enumeration type 'switch_status_t'.
  • [core] Fix missing 192 key lengths
  • [core] JB audio: check for jb type and silence some debug.
  • [Core] Reject DTLS packets coming from a source different than the current ICE negotiated path.
  • [libvpx] Fix bug with smaller width bigger size
  • [libvpx] VP8: disallow thread count changes
  • [mod_conference] Avoid a race in member->read_impl access
  • [mod_conference] Remove static from cJSON vars in conference_jlist
  • [mod_pgsql] Coverity: 1227660 Logically dead code
  • [mod_sofia] BYE Reason header was limited in length.
  • [timezones] Update timezones to version 2023c.
  • misc readme updates
  • updates for the Debian Dockerfile